MR volume determination utilizing eigenimage filtering

Joe P. Windham, David O. Hearshen, Joseph R. Roebuck, David A. Reimann, and Allan M. Haggar

Radiological Society of North America, 74th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiologic Society of North America, Chicago, Illinois, 27 November-2 December. Radiology, 169(P Supplement):239, November 1988.

Isolation of a feature of interest and correction of partial volume effects is desirable in tissue volume calculations. A linear filter that has excellent segmentation characteristics and produces an image in which partial volume averaging effects are corrected has been applied to MR spin-echo image sequences. Phantom studies on simple cavities show the volume calculations to have a accuracy of better than 3%, with a standard deviation of better than 1.5% in repeated measures. A comparison with simple threshold pixel counting shows this weighted pixel counting technique to be twice as accurate. The technique is illustrated with a tumor and cyst lesions. The technique will be valuable in clinical studies whose purpose is to follow tumor response to therapy.

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