Eigenimage filtering in MR imaging: An application in the abnormal chest wall

Allan M. Haggar, Joe P. Windham, David A. Reimann, David O. Hearshen, and Jerry W. Froelich

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 11:85-97, 1989.

A postprocessing linear filter was applied to spin-echo images on 10 patients with known or suspected chest wall invasion due to bronchogenic carcinoma. This technique known as eigenimage filtering allows selective feature extraction of suspected abnormalities from conventinal MR images. The final result is an image with marked increased contrast range through enhancement of a desired process (tumor) with supression of an interfering process (e.g., normal surrounding tissue). This preliminary work demonstrates the ease with which the technique may be implemented, the contrast enhancement obtained between the desired and interfering feature in the final eigenimage, and its ability to correct for partial volume averaging effects. Also demonstrated are artifacts that can interfere with the interpretation of the eigenimage and a method for minimizing these artifacts in the final eigenimage.

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