A noninteractive multi-format film server in a digital image network

Michael J. Flynn, Brian A. Wolfe, Eric Davies, E. Muka, David A. Reimann, Suresh Patel, and Allan M. Haggar

Radiological Society of North America, 75th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiologic Society of North America, Chicago, Illinois, 26 November-1 December. Radiology, 173(P Supplement):293, November 1989.

We have demonstrated the feasibility of printing multiple images on a formatted film without operator interaction. A host computer attached to a multiformat laser printer is used as a network server. The network (Ethernet, TCP/IP) achieves image data transfer rates to the server of 50-180 kbytes/sec, depending on the source unit. The network encompasses CT, MR, and angiographic systems. Authorized source units queue image data locally until polled by the print server. We have developed rules for format, window, and level control of the printed images; these rules are designed to handle image data from different modalities and study types.

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