CS 171 & 171L Introduction to Computer Science I & Lab Spring 2020 

Test Information

We will have two tests this semester as indicated on the course schedule. Here is some information that applies to both tests.

  • Yes, the tests will be hard!
  • The tests will have a variety of question formats including (but not limited to) matching, true/false, fill in the blanks, writing Java code, interpreting java code.
  • Each test will be worth 100 points (10% (each) of your final grade).
  • You will have 50 minutes to complete each test.
  • Let me know if you have any need of special accommodations before taking the test.
  • Individual effort.
  • No books or notes.
  • No electronic devices (computers, calculators, cellphones, PDA's, music players, etc).
  • Use a pencil (bring one or more sharpened and ready to go)!
  • If you miss the test, you will earn a zero (unless you have prior permission or a clearly documented and incident of unforseen hardship such as illness or death in the family).

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