CS 171 & 171L Introduction to Computer Science I & Lab Spring 2020 

Final Exam Review and Study Guide


  • Worth 100 points (10%)
  • You should plan on spending 2 hours to complete the final.
  • 60-90% of the test will be problems to test your reading ability of java. "Given the following Java class definition, what results when the following statements are executed?" and "What will be produced when the following Java statements are executed?"
  • 10-40% of the test will be problems to test your ability to use Java. "Write a Java class/method to ..."


  • Comprehensive: 80-90% material covered on Test 1, Test 2, and Test 3
    • Like a greatest hits album
    • Some problems may be very similar to problems on previous tests or quizzes.
    • Some problems might combine problems on previous exams.
  • Book Material: Chapters 1-20, 25-35, 39-49, 70-75, 90-92
  • 10-20% material covered since Test 1, Test 2, and Test 3
    • Fractals
    • 3D Graphics

Review Assignments

  • Know and understand all Labs
  • Know and understand all Homeworks
  • Know and understand all Quizzes (see quizzes on W drive)
  • Know and understand all Tests

Online Review

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