CS 151 Information Technology Spring 2019 

Term Project

How are you going to use information technology after graduating from Albion?

The goal of this term project assignent is for you to develop an educated and in-depth answer to this question. You should focus on how information technology has influenced developments in a specific hobby or planned career field.

You should explore the history of the use of technology in your area, the current state of the art, and research and new developments that might foster a significant change. You should address both software and hardware developments. Address any ethical or social implications (positives and negatives).

You are strongly encouraged to use your weekly news to learn more about your topic area.


Send me a paragraph description of your planned paper topic. Include information why this topic is of interest to you.


You will develop a 5-10 minute graphical presentation of your topic.

Presentation grading rubric.


You will write a 1000-1500 essay on your topic.

Paper grading rubric.

Deliverables and Grading

Topic 25
Presentation 75
Paper 100
Total 200

Copyright © 2019, David A. Reimann. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2019, David A. Reimann. All rights reserved.