CS 151 Information Technology Spring 2019 

Weekly News

Technology has a very rapid pace, with many new developments every day! The goal of this set of assignments is to give you an appreciation for the pace of new developments and augment information in our text. This will also help you get familiar with sources for computer news, giving you experience in summarizing articles, and helping you find articles related to your term project.

As listed on the schedule, start class with a news sharing time. You will be responsible for finding an interesting news article related to information technology. You will prepare a written 100-200 word summary of the article and provide this as an oral 30 seconds and 1 minute review for the class. You need to submit a hardcopy of your news article and your summary following your oral report. The news story must be of current interest, therefore should be no more than one week old for newspaper articles, and no more than one month old for weekly and monthly periodicals.

I strongly urge you to consider selecting articles related to your term project. This will minimize the overlap with other students and help you complete your term paper bibliography.

Deliverables and Grading

Each week the assignment will be graded as follows:

ArticleDepth, source, relevance5
Oral SummaryAccurate, brief (1 minute max) summary3
Written SummaryAccurate, brief (100-150 words max) summary2
Total 10

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