Math/CS 299/399 Colloquium in Mathematics & Computer Science I & II Fall 2020 

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Career Developement
I have met with the above named student, discussed and reviewed their statement of purpose.

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I have met with the above named student, discussed and reviewed their statement of purpose. The student can clearly articulate their interest in mathematics and/or computer science and their interest is reflected in their statement of purpose.

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Contains a strong thesis statement (hook) and clearly reflects your passion for mathematics, computer science, or other academic major area. It tells an accurate and compelling story using concrete examples about you and makes the reader want to meet you.
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Maintains a nice consistent format and contains absolutely no typographical errors.
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You will write a "statement of purpose" as required by most graduate school applications. You may think, "Hey, I am not going to graduate school. Why do I need a statement of purpose?" Even though you may not be planning on going to graduate school right after graduation, many people complete a master's degree after several years in the workforce. A statement of purpose is an introspective essay on what interests you about math and/or computer science. This is useful in gradudate school applications because it helps communicate who you are and why you are interested in the mathematics and/or computer science. Knowing your strengths and passions will help you accomplish your goals, even if it is simply looking for a job after graduation. You can do a google search for statement of purpose to get some ideas about how to write such a document. Many university graduate school programs and associated websites and have good suggestions. See advice below.

Career Development

Visit the Career Development office and learn about our resources and programs. They are in Ferguson suite 103 and open to all students! They look forward to working with you!

More Specifics

  • The length should be 500-1000 words
  • Focus on your professional goals, research interests
  • Speak about your background, research experiences, technical skills, leadership experiences, and academic preparation at Albion
  • include a discussion of oddities in your application
  • Be informative and factual. Avoid cliches, being too wordy, vague, and general
  • Show your passion for the subject
  • Explain why your want a graduate degree and which specific research area is of interest to you


  1. U Maryland
  2. Carnegie-Mellon
  3. Wayne State University
  4. UC Berkeley
  5. Cornell
  6. CrunchPrep

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