Math/CS 299/399 Colloquium in Mathematics & Computer Science I & II Fall 2020 

On-line Profile and Resume


You will create an online profile and resume on Once you have created your profile, add me as a connection. My public profile is Feel free to add some of your classmates and professors as connections!


  • Modify the default headline—it will likely not convey the message you want.
  • Use a professional photograph.
  • Include a compelling summary that describes your guiding principles, career goals, and passion for your major (or anticipated career). Consider including how past experiences have shaped these elements.
  • Use first person in narrative text.
  • Only share as much as you are comfortable sharing.
  • Follow organizations, people, etc.

You can then search and connect with professors, classmates, friends, and Albion alumni on LinkedIn.

Briton Network

Once you have a LinkedIn profile created, you can easily create a Briton Network account. The Briton Network lets students message alumni and request advisory calls to learn about careers, industries, graduate school programs, ethics in the workplace, and more. Meanwhile, students develop the networking skills needed to succeed in the modern job market.


LinkedIn is a social networking site designed for business communication, unlike the mainly social Facebook. One nice feature is the ease at which you can share your professional profile to propsective employers. It also aids in communication with a group of individuals, such as Albion Alumni (a LinkedIn group).

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