CS 171 & 171L Introduction to Computer Science I & Lab Fall 2020 

Office Meetings

During week 3 and right after I return the first test you will be required to meet individually with me. Right after I return the first test and another time before the end of the semester, you will be required to meet individually with me. Stop by my office for up to 5-10 minutes to discuss course-related issues. These might include your grade, tests, homework, labs, papers, or even careers in mathematics and/or computer science.

I have added times on a google calendar (displayed below) when I can meet with you. You will need to log into your Albion google account to do this. It is likely that if you are reading this via email, you are already logged in. Please sign up for a meeting time, write it down, and remember to come at that time. Simply click on the one of the gray buttons and make sure your name appears in the appointment information, then hit save. The appointment will be then added to your Google calendar. My calendar will automatically show your appointment, so there is no need to email me further.

Make sure your calendar is using the correct local time! We are in Eastern Time. In the "summer" (the second Sunday in March through the first Sunday in November) we use Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) which is (GMT-04 or UTC-04). In the "winter" (the first Sunday in November through the second Sunday in March) we use Eastern Standard Time (EDT) which is (GMT-05 or UTC-05). The notation GMT means Greenwich Mean Time and UTC means Coordinated Universal Time. Both represent the time on the prime meridian, which runs through London (Grenwich).

I will be available other weeks during my regular office hour times and by appointment.

If you do not meet with me, you will not earn some real easy points (15 points per meeting)!

My goal is for you to succeed in this course and to provide you with additional incentive to seek out my help. It is my experience that just a little dialog can go a long way. Stop by and see me!

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