CS 171 & 171L Introduction to Computer Science I & Lab Fall 2020 

Computer Lab and Homework Information

A significant portion of this course is focessed on learning the Java programming language. Our course meets once a week in the computer lab where we will work in pairs writing and modifying java programs.

Computer Labs

We will use the pair-programming model in this course (see references below). Each week you will be assigned a random lab parter and you will use one and only one computer. Pair programming is a common way to improve code quality and is component of "extreme programming". You will trade roles as driver (the person using the keyboard) and the navigator (the person not using the keyboard). The driver has control of the mouse and keyboard and does the typing. The navigator reads the directions, points out any typos, and helps brainstorm with the driver. The navigator must not touch the keyboard or the mouse. If the navigator either types or moves the mouse, the pair will get a zero for the lab. While this seems a bit extreme, this model forces you to talk about what is happening, improving your understanding.

As long as you attend the lab and make reasonable progress toward completing the lab you will earn 5 points for each lab. If you miss lab because of an unexcused absence, you will earn 0 points for that lab.


The homework assignments are tied to the computer labs. See the course schedule for due dates and links to assignments. The homework will involve writing some simple Java code that helps reinforce concepts from the lab of the week and prepare for the lab of the following week. These homework assignments are to be completed and submitted individually unless explicitly stated otherwise. The homeworks are due by 11:59 pm on the day indicated in the schedule.


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