Math 120 College Algebra Fall 2018 

Office Meetings

During week 1, you will be required to go to the math study tables (Su Mo Tu We Th: 8:00 - 10:00 pm in 227 Palenske). I will ask you for confirmation during our first office visit during week 2.

During week 2 and right after I return the first test (likely week 4) you will be required to meet individually with me. Stop by my office for up to 5-10 minutes to discuss course-related issues. These might include your grade, tests, quizzes, homework, or even careers in mathematics and/or computer science.

My goal is for you to succeed in this course and to provide you with additional incentive to seek out my help. It is my experience that just a little dialog can go a long way. Stop by and see me!

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