Math 120 College Algebra Fall 2018 

Advice from previous math students

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting this course?

  • Ask questions and keep up on the work.
  • Get help from the Quantitative Studies Center!
  • Get a calculator you can use.
  • Be prepared to work. Don't be afraid to ask for help!
  • Get the basics down.
  • Do obtain help before you get behind.
  • Read before class, then listen to the lecture.
  • Don't fall behind. It's very easy to and once you do fall behind it's hard to catch up.
  • Take notes and ask questions.
  • Go over the notes after class. Read before class.
  • Do the homework.
  • Review material as much as possible.
  • Always do the homework.
  • Keep up with the homework.
  • Do your "own" homework.

Are there any strategies that you have tried in the past that didn't work very well for you?

  • Just doing homework without reading the chapter.
  • Using the answers in the back. Need to know how to solve on your own.
  • Memorization.
  • Not doing sample problems to help review for the test.
  • Trying to do all the work by myself and not asking questions.
  • Just relying on homework to prepare for exams.

Describe the strategies that you do use.

  • I read the class notes with the current chapter until I feel comfortable with it. Then I do the homework.
  • I like to read over the section, if I have time, before class. I highlight important ideas and then write them on note cards.
  • I prefer to have someone by my side when I study.
  • Read the book and apply/compare my notes from class to the book's examples. I do sample problems to really understand the concepts.
  • Read and re-read.
  • Go over notes and get math help.
  • I try to look over the section before I begin the assignment.
  • Sit down at my desk or study room and look over my notes. Then attempt the homework.
  • I get together with another classmate after I have tried to do it by myself and we do the ones we don't know together.
  • I read over the section in the book and go over the examples before class. After class I review my notes and go over them to see if I understand everything.
  • I read over my notes.
  • I look through the notes and redo examples that were done in class. I always do the homework because if you miss one, then it will hurt you when trying to learn the next section.
  • I use the notes that I take in class to figure out how to go through problems.
  • I do the homework.

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